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CW|A offers different services which can help you with your next project within facades and glass constructions. 

We are dedicated to create the best quality through design efficiency, and we ensure that the client experiences a building which provides a comfortable environment for relaxation or work.


Engineering consulting

We offer engineering consulting within facades and glass as well as principles for facade solutions. We create assessments of complexity and materials as well as preliminary analyses of your facade construction.

Static calculations

We offer to static calculations according to Eurocodes and European standards. We use modern FEM software to calculate complex geometry and provide reporting in accordance with applicable Danish requirements.

Project development

During project development, we make sure to make an overall assessment of the facade, where we analyze the facade and locate critical points. We make an overall assessment to focus on the best solutions early in the process.

Product development

We have many years of experience working with different types of glass, facades and window constructions, which often results in useful input when developing new products within our felt.

Building physics

We perform temperature calculations and calculations of u-values. We use dedicated software for the respective components, e.g. in connection with glass thermometers for climate load calculations, and calculation of internal surface temperatures for condensation analyses.

Facade Consulting

We offer facade consultancy for glass construction as well as solutions for facades. We make assessments of complexity and materials as well as make preliminary analyzes of your facade construction.

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